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Program to Maximize Early Learning

Children learn independent learning skills

The Curriculum

Our quality play based curriculum encourages critical thinking, self direction, self expression, focus, self esteem, imagination  and making connections. This along with the infusion of art, music, dance, and physical fitness classes gives our students a strong foundation for success in their ongoing school life as do the variety of activities presented that celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness. As NYC is a highly competitive environment you can be certain our children are well prepared to take on the rigors of all ongoing kindergarten programs.


Daily Class Structure

Our teachers create the daily structure for each classroom and plan activities to encourage the children to make choices and own their work. This in turn enables them to become independent learners. During the course of the day, children have choice time, circle time, teacher-facilitated play, group activities, small-group play, one on one time, meal times, nap, and outside or gym play.

Teachers work on the children’s developmental skills by providing small-group activities: educational games to expand listening skills or language development, pre-math and science games, pre-reading readiness and writing activities, as well as art, music, and movement. Our expansive facility which includes a large indoor gym, an outdoor play deck, and wading pool allows our children to take advantage of physical activity come rain or shine. We also provide supplemental activities such as yoga and dance and movement. All of this physical activity coupled with the healthy meals provided instills healthy living habits hopefully minimizing the risk of childhood obesity. And, our own in house Chef Jeff Yalan plays an important role in the development of an overall healthy and well balanced pre-school child who’s being prepared for their next level of education.

Our Garden

We have an outdoor raised planter garden. The goal of our garden program is to instill a love and respect for the natural world, and show our interrelated and interdependence with it. We engage their senses, and learn through hands on involvement. The children learn about health and nutrition, plant life cycles, and the concept of garden to table. When planting the children learn about sharing, cooperation, and communication. This year we have teamed with another non-profit, Harlem Seeds (www.harlemseeds.org) , combining their knowledge and skills, and their older children with our staffs’ knowledge and our children. It has been a great collaboration.


Children in Motion

Children at the Red Balloon where they learn, play, grow and learn to socialize with others, on the road to success.


The Road to Success Starts at The Red Balloon
The Red Balloon was a wonderful place to start Hi Norma, Seems so long ago! Declan attended Anderson from Sept 2002 to June 2011, and now Beacon High School from Sept 2011 to present, expected graduation is June 2015. We’re looking at colleges now and can let you know where he ends up this time next year! The Red Balloon was a wonderful place to start his educational experience, with loving and nurturing teachers and staff who created an environment that enabled him to develop important social and academic skills that helped him to become the student and person that he is ...


The Red Balloons scholarship program provides over $100,000 annually in scholarships to 38% of our families. Most of these families are of diverse backgrounds and low-income. 

Your generosity will help us continue to give these families the financial aid necessary to secure a quality education and a successful future. 

Thank you for your donation and support in the road to quality education for preschoolers.

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