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The Red Balloon relies on a combination of tuition, grants, and generous donations from its supporters to fund the center.

For over 40 years we have been committed to social and economic diversity and actively recruit families from diverse backgrounds. We provide over $100,000 annually in scholarships to 38% of our population. 88% of these families are of diverse backgrounds, low income, and or families of color. The quality education they receive here result in these students being accepted into the top public, private, and gifted and talented programs in the city and then on to top secondary, high schools and colleges. Over the years over 70% of our scholarship students who applied to private schools were accepted with significant financial aid, while others were accepted into the Gifted & Talented Programs as well as quality public schools. Our preschool is a catalyst that helps equip these children for success. Keeping up with this is a monumental undertaking and is impossible without your help. Please give so even more children won’t fall through the cracks and so we can put them on the path to success.

We’d love for you to participate. If you’d like to make a direct donation to the center, please click the link below. Thank you!

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Children in Motion

Children at the Red Balloon where they learn, play, grow and learn to socialize with others, on the road to success.


The Road to Success Starts at The Red Balloon
The Red Balloon was a wonderful place to start Hi Norma, Seems so long ago! Declan attended Anderson from Sept 2002 to June 2011, and now Beacon High School from Sept 2011 to present, expected graduation is June 2015. We’re looking at colleges now and can let you know where he ends up this time next year! The Red Balloon was a wonderful place to start his educational experience, with loving and nurturing teachers and staff who created an environment that enabled him to develop important social and academic skills that helped him to become the student and person that he is ...


The Red Balloons scholarship program provides over $100,000 annually in scholarships to 38% of our families. Most of these families are of diverse backgrounds and low-income. 

Your generosity will help us continue to give these families the financial aid necessary to secure a quality education and a successful future. 

Thank you for your donation and support in the road to quality education for preschoolers.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Casino Night

    March 2 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Staff Development Day

    March 9
  3. TBD

    March 9

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